Will 3D movies like Avatar survive the next 5 years?

3D is big business, especially for the 6 major studios that are all facing a shortfall in DVD revenues. In fact, the entire film industry is struggling to compensate for a loss of DVD sales, and 3D is luring more people back into theatres. Also 3D TVs are in big demand, for now, but will they have the same life span as the VHS or DVD?

Websites that stream movies like Netflix have changed the distribution model for films after they have been released, as evidently Blockbuster and other stores disappear.

3D provides an alternative viewing experience at the movie theatre, and for that extra price, you are surely getting the epic Avatar visual experience far superior to a regular screening. However, if we look at the Blu Ray, the format hasn't exactly taken off in a big way. Digital piracy continues to sky rocket, and there seems to be no solid replacement for the general decline in physical sales. 3D will earn good money for studios, but it's not likely to become a mainstream business for decades to come. Despite all that, it's hard to replace the movie theatre experience, unless you can afford to replicate it on scale at home. 3D has its magic.

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