Why the Golden Globes & Oscars red carpet matter to you

The red carpet is an essential Awards Show component that helps bring much desired global attention before the winners are announced.

This year s Golden Globes had a red carpet extension of 30 mins on NBC just to show how powerful that pre-show event is. While actors and directors mingle from the film industry, musicians and comedians make up a big part of the red carpet cast as well.

When celebrities and well known figures gather together, it creates a meting pot of news that is entertaining to you the reader, and also reveals the true nature (or not) of some of our favourite idols.

Award Show Red Carpets important?

Whether you are a filmmaker or singer, movie enthusiast or just like to read entertaining news, the red carpet is a gossip highway and a fun outreach that makes events more hyped, particularly as you can go into many details. This covers not only nominations, but fashion, celebrity news outside of the event, and preditions on winners and losers.

So all in all, a red carpet event is important for creating buzz, and also inviting discussion on something you are interested in. Otherwise, you wouldn t have read this article or watched the red carpet events!

Oscars vs Golden Globes red carpet.

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