Why superhero movies are winners at the box office

Did you see Spider-Man? Maybe you went with your best amigo to see 'Iron Man'? Or maybe you even got yourself a copy of the 'X-Men Trilogy'?

All these movies have one thing in common, superheroes, and super powers. Something we all wish we had in some form. Whether it’s being able to fly, crash land into a building and survive, punch through walls or more. Audiences will keep coming back to the superhero movie.

The Spider-Man and X Men franchises were a huge success not only for their comic book past, but for being the kind of movies that make people feel like they can make a difference. The underlying theme of the Spider-Man movies is about responsibility and using power to do good (including the all important love story). In the X Men movies, the overall message of each film is about acceptance of being different and using special abilities to do good, rather than abuse them by doing evil.

In all these superhero movies there is the ultimate bad guy or organization that teams up against the good guys. People love the thrill of a battle, and the hero trying to overcome impossible odds, and seeing superhuman with power X take on superwoman with power Y.

Do you watch these kind of films? What is it that makes you want to go to the cinema to see them?

Spider-Man Trailer

Iron Man 2 Trailer

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