Why I Like Harry Potter

Harry Potter has broken Box Office records, and the 'Deathly Hallows Part 2' concludes what Warner Bros has called "The end of an era". What makes Harry Potter so special?

Harry Potter first came to our screens in 2001 with 'The Sorcerer's stone'. It was an enchanting ride for kids as well as adults because it transformed the first of 7 books into a motion picture, that allowed us to experience the story visually.

Going to school is part of every day life for young kids growing up. A story about a school of wizardry opens up a whole spectrum of the imagination that we can relate to, because at that age, our imagination was a big part of discovering about life. The Harry Potter books enlightened us with a character who, for the most part, was an ordinary boy, with big potential. Many people tried to stop him becoming successful, but he overcame incredible obstacles, made many friends as well as enemies, and kept us riveted with his journey to become a wizard.

I feel that the Harry Potter franchise has given so much joy to people who loved the books. Its transformation to the big screen with some of the world's most accomplished actors relives those stories in a whole new light. I will admit, I read the first 3 Harry Potter books when I was young. When I saw them onscreen, that transformation was magical. It was how I imagined it, but with all the cleverness of a Warner Bros production, and the creative interpretatiopn of the world's best filmmakers.

For me, Harry Potter as a character is the hero of childhood dreams. He represents possibilities, and the metaphor of learning magic translates to knowledge that pushes us forward in life. I hope you get a chance to see some of these films, and even the last, as they are hugely entertaining, and transport you into another world of fantasy and mystery.

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