Who should play Mitt Romney in Obama’s film production: ‘Romney Hood’?

Romney Hood pre-production

Obama has ‘greenlighted’ a new movie called ‘Romney Hood’ that depicts the story of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on his quest to steal money from the poor to give to the rich.

Casting for the film has yet to be announced but I can think of some good actors who could line up to star in Obama’s epic film, which comes out November 6th 2012.

Since the announcement was made, the film industry has been trying to find out more about the project but so far team Obama have not made production details clear. Will Paramount or Warner Bros produce this one? Can we also expect some support from Harvey Weinstein in an Executive Producing role?

It’s going to be a fun challenge finding the right actors to play Mitt Romney’s defiant character ‘Romney Hood’, but I can think of a few who could be a good fit:

Top actors to play ‘Romney Hood’

  • 1 : Alan Rickman : If he can pull off an American accent it would be nice to see a role reversal of the Sheriff of Nottingham now playing the lead in Obama’s new film.
  • 2 : Michael Madsen : He’s got the gruff voice, the imposing charisma, and a cool, relaxed approach that could suit a cunning yet devious Romney Hood character.
  • 3 : Jim Carrey : He would bring an edgy, unpredictable, yet slightly megalomaniac approach to the role.
  • 4 : Charlie Sheen : He’s already been cast as a President this year, but Sheen could bring many angles to Romney Hood that could turn this into a comedy roast.
  • 5 : Tom Cruise : I think Cruise could bring back some of his Mission Impossible suave, mixed with his thuggish ‘collateral’ character.

Production details

Synopsis : ‘Romney Hood’

"The rise of the middle class has shattered the dreams of the super rich but a distant warrior emerges from an unlikely place and he will become known as Romney-Hood."

Genre : Drama / Comedy

Production Budget : $2 million est.

(Please note this article is satire, and not intended to offend any parties.)

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