Which film will win the Christmas Box Office?

LOS ANGELES, USA Christmas Eve is hours away and audiences are flocking to cinemas for the festive season. Which movies will be dominating the Box Office over the Christmas Weekend?

The battle is on for Little Fockers to make a run for the Christmas Gold despite being slated as a poor sequel that many feel should never have been made. The other film to look out for is the Coen Brother s remake of John Wayne s 1969 classical True Grit . Whilst the Western genre has faded at the domestic box office, Paramount took a risk to make this tale come to reality with the talents of two of Hollywood s best film directors.

It s notable that Paramount have decided to bring the release of True Grit earlier than anticipated in the hope of generating some early buzz for its year s top film.

Will Disney s Tron: Legacy gain momentum over True Grit ? Most likely it will hold well. The action adventure movie is more mainstream than the Coen Brother s outings but will find it hard to compete with Little Fockers based on previous Box Office Estimates from the last two films. However this time round the critics have been dismal which might give Paramount a deserved boost

Other movies to make the Christmas top 10

While David O Russell s The Figher receives critical praise and has 6 Golden Globe nominations, it would seem difficult for this Boxing film to draw crowds over the Christmas season with a $12.6 million opening.

Black Swan and Tangled are likely to stick around for a while, and we certainly expect The Chronicles of Narnia 3 to remain in the top 10 despite its poor performance

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