What's the best way to get in contact with a star?

Contact a celebrity

Getting in contact with celebrities is something a lot of us will want to do for different reasons. For the sake of those who want to reach out to someone famous to wish them good luck, or give a shout out to, we recommend you send fan mail by regular post, which is often the preferred method for celebrities to receive messages from fans.

For a professional enquiry, you can get in contact with a celebrity via a talent agent, manager, or personal assistant. Each method depends on what you want from your request. Do you want a celebrity to read your script? It's hard to get a top talent agency to even look at your script unless you have funding in place and can guarantee that a star will be paid under the 'pay or play' system. Often a personal connection or recommendation is the best way to get in contact.

You can reach out to celebrities through twitter (some do respond to their fans regularly). Another way is to find their personal websites and send them an email if a form exists on their web page.

Celebrities at the end of the day are ordinary people with extraordinary 'appeal'. You don't need to be Tom Cruise to talk to Johnny Depp. Just remember what your values are, and if you really want to reach out you can!

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