What roles should Arnold Schwarzenegger take now?

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his return to acting, and he has been offered numerous roles including a Terminator reprisal.

Should Arnie, at 63 years old become the Terminator again? Fans will be eager to see Schwarzenegger flexing muscle and bullets, but this is not 2003.

Will the Arnie from the past be the same as one today or will he need to slow down the action, or take a slightly more lethargic role to keep up the pace?

Pal Sly Stallone has stayed very much at his physical best in The Expendables despite his age, and maybe Arnie will want to compete and be as active.

What roles do you want to see him play? Below is a list of remakes we would enjoy watching, albeit with a bit of comedy.

Top 5 Arnold Schwarzenegger remakes

1. True Lies 2 Arnie and his wife take on terrorists with great one liners
2. Commando 2 John Matrix comes out of retirement to retire some bad guys
3. Total Recall redux Arnie goes back to Total Recall and decides to choose Mercury as his next destination.
4. Predator reborn The predator lands in California, and Arnie has to bring his Delta Force squad to clean house
5. Red Heat 2 After the fall of communism and massive emigration, Captain Danko decides to become an American cop, with Soviet rules.

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