What are the Golden Globes?

It is awards season and this year the Golden Globes has a very exciting line up with films such as smash hit Avatar and Up in the air competing for best motion picture.

So what is the big deal about the Golden Globes? I received quite a few messages from our international members asking me to explain what the awards are about.

The Golden Globes is the 2nd most important awards ceremony for the motion picture industry after the Oscars in the US. This is the first major event of the year and tends to be seen as a very important and pivotal event for many reasons. The Golden Globes tend to indicate who has a good chance of wining an Oscar, and is a largely publicized event around the world.

The who s who of entertainment will be there from all corners of the industry and the awards give a huge boost to the nominees and first time participants. Being a guest speaker at the awards ceremony is also seen as a great privilege.

To find out more about the event check out our Golden Globes Special, that will run all this week. Winners will be announced on Monday 18th January.

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