Was Brittany Murphy murdered? New shocking evidence emerges

Former Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy did not die from natural causes according to a new toxicology study.

The death of the young actress in 2009 that shocked Hollywood was at the time attributed to pneumonia however a new toxicology report puts doubt on the Los Angles Coroner's previous conclusion.

According to the latest toxicology report ordered by her father and made independently revealed that the actress had ingested ten heavy metals, which are found in pesticides, bug killers or rat poison. Samples of Murphy's hair were used to make the new analysis which measured up to 9 times over the 'high' limit set by the World Health Organization.

Brittany Murphy's husband died 5 months later, also from pneumonia and anaemia however, Brittany's father refused to believe the same cause could be responsible for his death and years later this new independent report may now renew the investigation into their deaths.

This new evidence may re-open the investigation into their deaths and reveal whether there was any foul play. Was Brittany Murphy poisoned along with her husband?

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