Video: Watch the statue of Liberty melt

Statue of Liberty video melts with personality

It's a very simple concept, yet the video is visually intriguing. Watch how this filmmaker has managed to take aerial footage and create layers to replace the stock photography he downloaded with a 'melting mesh'.

Using the techniques of digital compositing, Nuke X and a range of other software, Vincent Ullmann has created what could be the low budget version of a panoramic intro to a disaster movie.

There are many editing techniques that can be used to digitally alter and replace images but it does take time if you are going to do it frame by frame. Whether Vincent has considered shooting a short version of 'Armageddon' or 'Independence Day' in the style of a heatwave / disaster movie is unclear. What he has said on his vimeo page is :

"No, i am not planing to build a giant Melting-Gun and attack Manhattan, fly around the Streets and melt down every third person crossing my way..."

Statue of Liberty Melting video

It would be nice to see a low budget version of that. Best of luck to him. Check out Vincent's work on Vimeo.

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