UK Christmas week turns into Die Hard 2

LONDON, UK As the crisis intensified over the weekend with cancelled flights, stranded passengers and more snow to come, it felt like a real life Die Hard 2, except without the terrorism.

The snowy Christmas is one of the most intense in 40 years, with airports across the country facing near closure, and Heathrow practically shutdown. In Die Hard 2, the scene is set on Christmas Eve, where John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, is waiting for his wife to come home. However terrorists soon hijack the airport whilst a storm turns critical, forcing all air traffic to be redirected. As the story unfolds the weather worsens, planes run out of fuel, and it looks like they will start falling from the sky, as Bruce Willis has to save the day and allow the airport to regain control.

Die Hard 2 s atmosphere of chaos is a large exaggeration from the reality witnessed Sunday, but as Christmas Eve approaches, Die Hard 2 feels like the ideal movie to watch for those who have luckily made it home, or managed to leave. You will get a feel for the atmosphere of a wintry airport saturated with passengers, mayhem and a Christmas buzz, with some action and suspense as John McClane has to prevent terrorism bringing down one of America s busiest airports.

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