Twitter pictures upgrade gives boost to film industry

Twitter is fast becoming the primary source of information on the web, from news stories to the latest film releases. Now the service has launched a photo upload option, which makes the social network all the more valuable.

Len Peralta

Before the picture upload option, you had to find alternative sites that would allow you to host an image on their server then link it to your twitter account to then show it to your friends. I think with this twitter picture integration, people are going to be using this far more, and because shareability is what makes conversations interactive, I can only expect videos to come next.

So how does this help out the film industry? In my view, production companies to publicists will have an archive of promotional pics they can now upload directly to each tweet with no hassle. Pictures tell a thousand words, and since you have very little space to write a paragraph, it’s a nice feature. It will also help out people who are not tech savvy and want to simply upload what they are doing directly to their feeds. It might also encourage others in entertainment who loathe complexity to join it to share their creations.

All in all, a big thumbs up from me but what will come next? If you could upgrade your twitter account with new features, what would you have?

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