Transfomers 3 beats Pirates of The Caribbean Box Office Tally

Transformers 3 is now the highest grossing film of 2011 at the US Box Office, earning more than Disney’s ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean – On Stranger Tides’.

It’s not too hard to see why it would be so successful, but to overtake Johnny Depp’s fourth outing as Jack Sparrow was never going to be a pushover. However, the 4th Pirates movie made most of its $1 billion Box Office tally abroad. Even hugely hyped ‘The Hangover Part 2’ could not rival Michael Bay’s robot powered epic.

Transfomers Dark Of The Moon brings big budget action, robots and a sci-fi franchise on its ‘final voyage’. In truth, you never know if there is going to be a re-boot, re-mix, or whatever you want to call it, without Michael Bay. The film however was always going to be a big box office draw, and rumours surrounding Megan Fox and Shia Labouef’s on set romance in the previous movies, made this get more attention and for sure it was done on purpose to give some added publicity.

Are you surprised it has become 2011’s highest grossing film so far?

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