Top 5 ways to ruin your career at the Cannes Film Festival

This year’s Cannes Film Festival was a thrilling ride for some, and even more so for others. Between the exclusive parties, celebrity interviews and red carpet glamour, filmmakers and actors took part in the world’s largest film industry event.

However, lessons can be learned from this festival, as controversy doesn’t always mean good press, and sometimes bad controversy, can go really wrong.

Top 5 things to ensure you never go to Cannes again

1. Confess you are a Nazi. Say it with true feelings, from the heart and with expressive mannerisms.
2. Swear your allegiance to Hitler and bemuse your audience with conviction and witty humour adding that Israel really gets on your nerves.
3. Look into the eyes of your hard working actress and say that you want to make a porn movie.
4. Admit that your filmmaker friends will never support you, whatever you do right or wrong.
5. Say that you are proud of getting banned from the Cannes Film Festival and that your family supports it.

If you follow these 5 steps you’ve done a ‘Lars Von Trier’. I hope you don’t make this kind of mistake, as it would be deemed very offensive by a majority of people around the world.

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