Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sign divorce agreement

Cruise and Holmes reach settlement

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have now reached a settlement for their divorce which comes 2 weeks after Holmes made the filing.

Speculation surrounding the sudden divorce included reports that the damage of the couple's seperation went straight to the heart of the Scientology church. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Holmes is the 'biggest Nightmare' in the organization's history. The fact that she caught Tom Cruise off guard meant that he was unable to prepare or respond to the filing in the way that he would have wanted. This gave Holmes an edge as she was prepared to fight for sole custody of Suri, aged 6.

After just 5 years together, the Hollywood couple have now released a joint statement confirming they have negotiated and signed the agreement.

With that closure we can expect more news to emerge regarding the details of the settlement including the backstory to the Scientology Church, and how it had a major impact on their marriage.

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