Tom Cruise among other celebs encouraging Philippines response

Celebs react to Philippines disaster

Celebrities including Tom Cruise, Elijah Wood, Keri Hilson and Rihanna have called for action after typhoon Haiyan flattened towns across the Philippines killing an estimated 10,000 people.

The typhoon's sheer strength and winds of up to 195mph destroyed buildings, tore trees, threw cars, and flattened entire neighbourhoods. Due to the massive size of the storm, the entire country was blanketed with strong winds, with some areas bearing the full brunt of the storm with gusts in excess of 230mph.

Back in 2010 the entertainment industry came together to raise money for Haiti, which was devastated by an earthquake leaving millions homeless. It is currently estimated that over 4 million people have been affected by the typhoon in the Philippines.

Celebrity reactions to the Philippines disaster

You can donate to the Philippines relief effort via the red cross here.

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