The power of a leaked video: Presidential election changed

Hidden cameras are changing the race

It's the first time in American history that we have seen secret filming have such an impact on the electoral race online, but this is only the beginning.

In the last few days, a leaked video of Mitt Romney discussing how "47% of Americans" are dependent on Government has struck a tone, de-railing any positive news coming out of his campaign.

The media has jumped on to the secret recording and enhanced its meaning throughout the U.S, interpreting it in many ways, but the overall message has been negative for Mitt Romney, placing him at a distance to half the country.

It's no secret that Romney is prone to making gaffes, but due to that nature, and the exposure of this most recent video, it would seem that any politician slipping up will face a likely backlash from just about any off-hand comment.

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As video sharing power continues to spiral, one small clip can go national within hours, making it very hard for candidates to adjust to the speed of such developments.

Now we are truly witnessing the power of short videos, in the form of leaked 'under-cover' reporting, truly exposing weaknesses in what people say in front of, and behind the camera. It's come to the point where voters can see between the lines because they have both the truth, and the politics.

How will these videos alter this year's race? In my opinion, this latest video has changed the face of this campaign, and both candidates will now have to triple check what they say in public, and in private.

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