The Guild of British Film and Television Editors

GBFTE: Organisation

Crafting the moving image” (motto)

Set up in 1966, the GBFTE represents British editors in film and television. It is a non-profit organization that deems to improve the reputation and respect towards the job of editing.

The Guild also aims to

  • Promote and develop training for future editors
  • Offer an on-line space in which opinions and knowledge can be shared
  • Develop strong working ties with other professional organizations on both a national and international scale
  • Highlight the importance of the editor´s role
  • Act as a network between members

Forming part of the Cine Guilds of Great Britain (CGGB), the Guild aims to create a strong group of dynamic people who wish to have a network in common. This group is led by experienced governors with many years behind them in the industry. These veterans have worked abroad on a huge listsof films. They are all passionate about their job and eager to discuss and share ideas.


Among some of the benefits of being a GBFTE member is that each person can receive and offer advice to other members, access discussion groups, have the opportunity to speak at colleges as part of CineMasters and make the most of the links to other Guilds. Members can also receive a magazine, attend social events and form part of the Guild directory for employers to find future editors.

There are varying membership categories

  • Full Membership: for editors who can prove having worked in this industry. Price: £50 per year
  • Associate Membership: for people involved with editing but who do not meet the above qualifications. Price: £35 per year
  • Student Membership: for people who are undertaking editing courses. Price: £10 per year.

(In order to join, you must pay the price of a year subscription and fill out an application form).