Association of Motion Picture and Sound

Association of Motion Picture and Sound

AMPS: Introduction to the Organisation

Founded in 1989, this organization aims to connect sound professionals from around the UK. Currently with over 390 highly qualified members from varying sectors in the industry, AMPS has the following goal:

To promote the science, the technology and creative application of all aspects of sound and image recording, reproduction and associated processes for motion pictures, television and allied media, and to enhance the status and recognition of the contribution of those therein engaged


There are varying types of membership available:

  • Full membership: for sound technicians with at least six years of experience behind them
  • Associate Membership: for sound technicians with between three and six years experience
  • Supplementary Membership: for sound technicians with less than three years experience
  • Honorary Membership: given to those who have offered a special contribution to the Association
  • Retired membership: for fully retired members
  • Affiliate membership: for those who do not meet any of the above conditions but work along side and are interested in the sound sector
  • Sustaining Membership: for organizations who agree with the AMPS´ aims and are keen to get involved


  • Member Directory: for full members only. Employers looking for sound technicians can use this directory to search through the the list of members. There is an option in which people can see a member’s availability and search in relation to particular sound sectors.
  • Sales and Wants webpage
  • Member meetings
  • Access to technical documents
  • Access to newsletters