The Amazing Spider-Man to miss box office target?

The Amazing Spider-Man underperforms

The Amazing Spider-Man has earned $95.7 million so far but its fortunes are behind previous Spider-Man movies in terms of box office revenue.

With the three-day weekend gross still to be announced it looks like the film will approach the $140 million mark as Sony has forecasted over $60 million for the weekend.

With glowing reviews, The Amazing Spider-Man has real potential to reboot the franchise and appease fans with a strong story, but with a less than stellar opening, questions may be raised as to whether two more movies are viable. Despite estimates of $140 million for a six-day total, the original Spider-Man movies were able to get over $125 million after just four days.

The cost of producing and marketing The Amazing Spider-man is estimated at around $220 million. Will Sony be able to capitalize on good reviews? Let’s wait for the final numbers.

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