Ted Williams becomes symbol of hope for American Homeless

NEW YORK, USA - Homeless man Ted Williams was on the Today Show after being discovered 3 days ago on youtube thanks to a reporter who felt his Golden Voice was something the world should see.

With over 10 million views in 72 hours, Ted Williams has captured the very essence of what many seek when face poverty; hope.

What is more, Ted Williams, with a superb voice, confessed to the world that he went down a lonely road of drugs and alcohol and was trying to rebuild his life.

His rise to fame is a symbol for others who are struggling to get accepted into society. People who have a real passion for something and want to pursue the idea of The American Dream

Reaction to Ted Williams rise to fame on youtube

Being on the Today Show gives Ted Williams a sensational boost to his already large fan base of internet viewers. Can his voice become a classic companion to our entertainment lives? Time will tell. Here are some of your opinions.

Look, I'm really happy for Ted Williams, but I m stunned by just how shocked everyone seems that he has a talent. Imagine! A homeless person! With dignity and skills! Come on, world. It's like a Susan Boyle redux  can you believe people other than the rich and beautiful are capable of things?

Anyway, congratulations, Ted Williams, and we all look forward to hearing your velvety voice for years to come. - PopWatch

Whether or not that will end up in a happy ending for Williams isn't known but a Yahoo! spokesperson pointed out that in a couple of months, someone will do a followup story and we'll all start searching again.  For now, Williams, who had recently been living in a tent in Columbus, Ohio, seems to be hoping for the best before the YouTube clicks which have reached the millions taper off. - NYdailynews

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