Take a stand with us on Stop Cyberbullying Day

Today we can make a difference in the entertainment industry by standing up to online abuse which is becoming a major social problem for a whole generation of people.

New research released today by The Cybersmile Foundation shows how 55% of young people are suffering from cyberbullying and the charity hopes to encourage positive change with their annual Stop Cyberbullying Day event.


From film stars to music icons, movie fans, and geeks, we're all seeing abuse online and it's getting worse. The entertainment industry can turn this around. We have the ability to advocate good actions, and educate people to be more positive in life. The trolling, the harassment, the fat-shaming, the ageism and the relentless barrage of hateful comments people are facing is not acceptable.

If you'd like to get involved with the debate, join The Cybersmile Foundation today at 6pm BST on Twitter to make your voice heard with the hashtag #SCD2015. You can also share videos, blogs and start the discussion.

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