Syria crisis worsens: Angelina Jolie makes donation

Angelina Jolie highlights UNHCR

As the Syrian crisis intensified this week Angelina Jolie stepped up her efforts to help Syrian refugees making their way across the border into Turkey.

Jolie made a $100,000 donation to the UNHCR on Wednesday to coincide with World Refugee day. With thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the violence, Jolie's commitment to the UN has once again put it's mission in the spotlight. As the refugee crisis continues, a lot of work still needs to be done on the ground to help the Turkish authorities cope with the massive influx of people crossing the border.

As a special Envoy to the UNHCR, Jolie has often highlighted the plight of refugees around the world and encouraged donors to make a commitment to help them receive the most basic aid.

Angelina Jolie makes a video statement : UNHCR

The UNHCR is actively helping refugees around the world. You can take part in helping them have a future by donating.

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