Sylvester Stallone making history with Rocky: The Musical

Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone turned up the heat in ‘Expendables 2’ but nothing prepared us for ‘Rocky: The Musical’. After 6 Rocky movies, you would think Stallone had run out of steam to make another remix, remake, or update in the series, but ‘Rocky: The Musical’ sounds like a lot of fun.

Rocky Balboa will once again rise from the ashes and light up the stage which is set to premiere in Hamburg, Germany in November 2012. Stage Enterainment will produce the musical which will feature some of the Rocky movies' best hit songs including ‘Eye Of the Tiger’. The story of Rocky Balboa captivated audiences who kept coming back time after time at the cinema wanting even more. After all the training montages, you could say we’re fully trained to see this.

What sets a Rocky musical apart from a motion picture is that it will allow the producers to express the love story at the heart of the Rocky movies between Rocky Balboa and girlfriend Adrian Pennino. On top of that, heavyweight-boxing champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko are also said to be onboard. The musical will be in German, however, if it is a success could we not see this becoming an international phenomenon? When it comes to Stallone’s personality, nothing is ever too small or impossible to achieve, and that is also one of the founding messages of the Rocky movies. Never give up pursuing your dreams, because anything is possible.

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