Super viral: 32-year-old interviews his 12-year-old-self

Review: Jeremiah McDonald makes history

Jeremiah McDonald has created a compelling video that shows him interviewing his 12-year-old self, 20 years on.

Using a clever mixture of footage that dates back to the early 90s, Jeremiah sits himself in front of the TV and argues with his own 12-year old 'personality'. Preaching about what's to come, McDonald also refers to Star Wars, Doctor Who and how the internet is going to change everything.

The video mocks the innocence of youth, and shows how we evolve through time. By asking and responding to questions with a 20-year gap, it's a fascinating experience to watch such a change in someone's own character.

20th Anniversary Video segments

"I think i'd like to talk to myself in the future" - 12-year-old

"Are all your questions going to be about pets?" - 32-year-old self

Uploaded on the 5th of July the video has already accumulated well over 2.8 million views making it one of the most viral videos of the year so far.

A conversation with my 12 year old self

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