Super Bowl commercials getting leaked on purpose?

Heard of the 'Jesus Hates Obama ad? Fox decided to refuse the $2 million they would have earned if it aired during the Super Bowl, but a lot of people know about it.

Are ads becoming more of a viral gimmick and do they get leaked intentionally? The more ridiculous an advertisement gets the more curious people are to see it, and even if it gets banned or condemned, there is more reason to show it online.

Why are advertisements getting more and more over the top ? The fact is any buzz surrounding something unconventional or an ad getting banned gets immediately leaked to the web. In actual fact the crazier the video, the more we want to see it. The more popcorn and funny the better, as short form promos and music videos are currently experiencing a boom. Demand has never been so high for videos 1 minute or less.

What better platform to show a banned commercial than youtube and dailymotion? Advertisers have the opportunity to reach eyeballs not only at the Super Bowl, but online with some clever marketing and funny comedy. Let s see what becomes a 2011 classic. What is your favourite Super Bowl ad?

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