Super 8 : J.J. Abrams on a 'low budget'

Filmmakers who had the unique experience of shooting film on the super 8mm camera will find the homage in J.J. Abrams' 'Super 8' quite intriguing.

The 'old school' handheld film camera was a benchmark back in the day for shooting guerrilla style movies, and is still used today by die-hard fans of the format around the world. However, being able to process super-8mm film and converting it to the edit suite makes this less of an easy task than just picking up a digital camera.

So when Paramount, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams got together to produce one of the most anticipated sci-fi outings of the year, fans of the Super-8 cameras couldn't have been more pleased.

With a budget of around $50 million, box office expectations don't run high, because the film won't appeal to the large audience to the likes of Star Trek. Its edgy, dark, and is set in 1979. Mixing with the paranormal and impending doom, watching the trailer makes you feel like you are in a 'Children of the corn' style setting, mixed with big budget special effects.

'Super 8' comes out on June 10th in Theaters.

Super 8 Trailer directed by JJ Abrams and starring Elle Fanning

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