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In the run up to 2012, the eyes of the world will turn to Britain as the UK gets ready to host   the Olympic Games in London.

The event represents a once in a lifetime opportunity for 21st century Britain to show the world what its like

-             an open, connected, dynamic and creative place -   which has living and working in it people from every country in the world.

To celebrate this unique moment in time, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (the FCO) has launched a competition called See Britain Through My Eyes . With its network of staff representing Britain around the world the FCO has the job of telling the story of modern Britain to people everywhere. Now it s your turn!

You are invited to unleash your story telling talents and make a short film clip about your Britain - an iStory . By submitting your one to three minute film clip you could win a masterclass with top film directors and the chance to have your story professionally produced.

Who can enter?

The Britain Through My Eyes competition is open to everyone, but we are especially interested in hearing from foreign nationals who are living, studying or working in the UK or have done so in the past.

You will have a unique perspective on what Britain and the British culture is. Has your experience of living in the UK changed your perception? Would your story make people back in your home country see Britain differently? Share your story with others round the world by taking part.

What are we looking for?

The theme of this competition is Britain Through My Eyes so your film clip needs to give your unique perspective of life in the UK.

We are looking for film clips that reflect the diversity of Britain and the British people and showcase what is unique about the country.

You can film yourself or someone else, but one thing we are asking is that you frame your film around the Britain Through My Eyes theme. We ask that you include this phrase at some point in your film. You can either incorporate these words through voiceovers, using written words on screen or by simply saying them

yourself to camera. We would like you to submit films in your own language. If this is not English, please also include a written transcript in English if possible.

How and when will the winners be announced?

The deadline for entries is 5.30pm GMT on Friday 5th March 2010.

Entries will be judged in March. Three lucky worldwide winners will be chosen. The masterclass and the production of winning stories will also take place in the UK in March.

How will the films be judged?

Judges will be judging the films on criteria such as:

*Does it capture the spirit of Britain through someone else s eyes?

*Does it tell an interesting story about Britain and its culture?

*Will it be interesting to other people and other nations?

*Will it encourage people to see Britain differently?

How do I enter?

You don't need top of the range equipment to make a film. You can record your story on a mobile phone, digital camera which has a recording function or a standard video camera. Once it s finished, all you need to do is upload it to the competition site.

This competition is closed 

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