Steven Seagal wont star opposite JCVD in Stallone picture

Jean Claude Van Damme and Bruce Willis are rumored to have been cast in Sly Stallone s sequel to The Expendables. However Steven Seagal won't be part of the new entourage despite calls from some action fans wanting him in the next picture.

The reason is not due to a JCVD vs Steven Seagal feud, or anything to do with Stallone not wanting him in the film. According to Indiewire Nu Image producer Avi Lerner has fallen out with Seagal over a previous collaboration and refuses to work with him. Nu Image and Milleniumfilms are behind the first Expendables picture and will fund the sequel.

Steven Seagal straight to DVD

Seagal has been out of the box office for many years as his films became less lucrative and his star status dwindled. The actor, who kicked his way onto the screen in Nico became one of America's biggest movie stars of the 90s, but his reign was too brief. His other hit movies include Under Siege and Executive Decision with Kurt Russell.

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