Steven Seagal comeback after helping UFC Champion Anderson Silva

Steven Seagal has been praised by none other than UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva for perfecting his winning kick.

The action star turned kicking coach may have disappeared from the box office, but it looks like this latest news story might revive his action persona.

One of the 90s most accomplished action stars having mastered Aikido; Steven Seagal was best known for Nico , Hard to Kill and Under Siege opposite Tommy Lee Jones.

In recent years the star has continued to act in straight to DVD movies, and recently made an appearance in Machete . Despite Seagal s notoriety for breaking boards, necks, wooden acting and starring in poorly scripted films; his fan base continues to hope for a comeback. After all, who doesn t like a bit of Kung Fu?   Just look at The Karate Kid , to see how popular action mixed with martial arts can be.

Some might not like to admit it, but Steven Seagal can still fight, and this latest endorsement couldn t be better proof that the actor still has the magic.

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