Steve Jobs - A visionary of the future world

Steve Jobs was not just a visionary who changed the way we communicate, but he also re-invented the way we live and breath digital technology.

Steve Jobs RIP

There is no corner of the entertainment industry that hasn't been affected by the decisions Steve Jobs took through the course of his sensational career and life's work. From changing the music industry with the ipod to taking Pixar animations to the top of the film industry, it's hard to imagine a world without his creative touch.

In fact, even as I type, I am using an Apple product, and when I learned about his passing, I was using a Macbook pro. Everything he has conceived these past decades has fundamentally shifted the way our 21st century works. From the clever, sleek design aspect of mac products to the multitude of applications, clever programming, and the iphone, I can say there is no greater technology pioneer who has had a direct influence on me.

Creatively, the film and music industries have embraced the online shift, but also the products that give them life; the ipod, the ipad, itunes and other Apple tools. Apple has become a world leader in electronics not just because of clever gadgets, but because they allow people to achieve a greater purpose.

With the web now a world-wide institution, the digitisation of business is the only way forward in the 21st century, and Steve Jobs is the man who pioneered that change. You could say he was, he is, and he will be the future of digital entertainment. Thanks for everything Steve.

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