Star Wars fan in Darth Vader costume witnesses crime, stays in character

Star Wars that is as real as it gets

This could be the most accurate, real-life portrayal of Darth Vader ever. Not only did this Star Wars fan witness an actual crime being committed but he stood there in pure evil gaze and accepted it. (video below)

KTLA captured the incident on video showing a man casually walking up to an LAPD patrol car at around 1pm on Hollywood Boulevard who then decides to smash several windows to grab a laptop. However, in the corner of the video a dark figure emerges, dressed in a cape, who turns out to be non other than Darth Vader himself.

Passersby didn't stop to intervene in the window smashing but the Star Wars fan was not going to leave. He shakes his head in despair, as if the violence is too tame for his liking but stands his ground, in what can only be described as the best character acting we've seen yet. J.J Abrams needs to call this guy!

Later in the video, we also see how another man, this time dressed in a Superman costume does nothing to prevent the crime. Unfortunately for him, he was acting out of character, but Darth Vader, well, he was just brilliant.

Real-life Darth Vader is a hit

(video missing)

The incident occurred on the 11th February.

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