Star Trek beats 'Glee' in google online Top 10

You would think that the highly popular TV series Glee would be a top US search in 2010, but Star Trek rules the day.

With a hit movie out in 2009, Star Trek, the 're-birth' was critically praised for putting the magic back into the fatigued sci-fi series, now on its way up once again in 2010.
In 2003, Patrick Stewart's last outing in Captain was poorly received and fizzled out of the US Box Office with weak demand, and a disappointing global gross. With the massive popularity of Chris Pine's Captain Kirk, and the pre-production of Star Trek 2, audiences are demanding more action, and fast paced visuals from the franchise. The reboot has also boosted the popularity of the series and the online star trek games.
As for Glee, Google has placed it 8th in the fastest rising search of 2010 overall with Justin Bieber in 5th place and the pad gadget crushing competition at 1st.  In the entertainment industry as a whole, Justin Bieber was America's 'Hottest Seat in Town'

Top 10 American TV online searches

1. lost
2. american idol
3. snl
4. family guy
5. the office
6. big brother
7. real housewives
8. star trek
9. 24
10. glee
Source: Google
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