Stan Rosenfeld says George Clooney had Malaria twice

LOS ANGELES, USA - Publicist Stan Rosenfeld has revealed that George Clooney recently recovered a 2nd time from Malaria after contracting the illness on a trip to Africa.

Appearing today on Piers Morgan Tonight, the actor turned activist will reveal how he overcame the disease after contracting it on a recent visit, taking 10 days to recover.

Africa faces an uphill struggle to contain a rising malaria epidemic, and shortage of medicine to help people in poverty recover from the disease.

The actor has also been a strong advocate for resolving the crisis in Darfur and recently campaigned to endorse a peaceful referendum on South Sudan s independence.

Clooney s determination to seek a better international response to humanitarian crises around the world has helped and saved millions of lives. His star power and understanding of the complexity of these conflicts make him one of the entertainment industry s most respected activists.

George Clooney in Sudan

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