Snoop Dogg releases My Own way 'Doggumentary' preview

Snoop dogg has revealed his latest music video via twitter featuring Mr Porter entitled 'My Own Way', a preview to his upcoming documentary feature.

The hip hop legend continues to bring out fresh, catchy and stylish tunes for fans old and new.

With 'My Own Way' the vibe is smooth, mellow, and uplifting. Mr Porter provides the perfect blend of chilled out lyrics vs Snoop Dogg's mellow 'gangsta reflection'.

The video, shot in 'Doggumentary style' features clips from his tours, and a behind the scenes look at the life of Snoop Dogg. From the classic 'smoking' to quick cuts, the preview give us a taste for his full length documentary.

The Snoop Doggumentary will go on sale tomorrow via itunes

Snoop Dogg - My Own Way Featuring Mr Porter - Doggumentary preview

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