Sly Stallone and Arnie to make Rambo 5 and Terminator 5?

The Rambo and Terminator franchises are often the centrepiece of the talk when it comes to rumours about Arnie and Sly's next movie outings.

This week, a resurgent rumour about the possibility of Universal looking for a project to shoot in the scope of Terminator 5 has gone viral, whilst Stallone prepares Expendables 2, and maybe, Rambo 5?

Well, the fact remains that Schwarzenegger has not publicly revealed any details on whether he will return as the Terminator, but before he left office, there was buzz around his private meeting with James Cameron, which was a discussion about a movie project .

Terminator 5 seems far-fetched and way past Arnold s time, but if Stallone can go all out in Rambo (2008), then a sequel is not unrealistic however Rambo 5 looks less likely than a Terminator 5 at this point. What is more likely to happen is a Schwarzenegger, Stallone team up, which has been anticipated for years. Will these two action stars ever have an on screen bromance ?

Terminator 3 trailer

Rambo Trailer

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