Should CNN's Larry King and MSNBC's Keith Olbermann un-retire?

CNN and MSNBC have seen a fall in ratings since the departure of Larry King and Keith Olbermann but is that a realistic assessment?

Keith Olbermann left MSNBC suddenly last week but the show host had a long history of bad relations with the network, which have many stories of their own.

Larry King Live, CNN's primetime chat show for 25 years had an average audience of 650,000 viewers in its last 3 months of airing. Fast forward to today, and Piers Morgan, although initially getting over 2 million views with Oprah, has fallen to 500,000 with the Kardashian's interview.

It is too early to tell whether CNN is suffering a genuine slump worse than Larry King's exit, but the hyping of Piers Morgan's show seems to have faded somewhat. However this week, his coverage of the Egyptian crisis seems to be faring well.

Over on MSNBC the story is different, with a dramatic, sudden departure of a high profile host. Audiences don't know what to make of it, compared to Larry King Live, which was scheduled to finish its run.

Who can replace Olbermann and will Piers Morgan succeed?

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