Selena Gomez : "I do everything for my fans"


Gomez reveals her career choices

Selena Gomez this week revealed her career choices after a sit down interview with The Insider, discussing how she took a break from music this past year to focus on acting, and how she dealt with critics.

The young singer turned actress has been in the spotlight for her various projects, fragrances, Vogue cover shoots, and more, but her work ethic is what really comes across in this interview, and her ability to focus on her passion notable.

At just the age of 20, the young actress has achieved a great deal in her personal career, and ranks 2 in this year's most powerful online celebrities.

When she was asked about the media spotlight, particularly the endless spin about her private life she said:

"No matter what I do or what I say, I will never be right".

"It's just that's the stuff you really have to try not to pay attention to"

When it came to her career choices she referred to her fans on frequent occassions saying that they had inspired her in everything that she does:

"I do everything for my fans. I do my clothing line, my fragrance, my TV show, my music…and their opinion means everything to me"

When it came to her choice of shooting 'Springbreakers' this year she gave a personal anecdote on how she had envisaged it would play out:

"This year was supposed to be more discreet than it actually was…when I actually signed up to do 'Springbreakers'. I didn't think anybody would here about it…"

Check out the full interview via The Insider for more details.

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