Selena Gomez forced to change music video before release

Selena Gomez received so much flak for her yet to be released music video that producers have decided to re-edit it.

Love You Like a Love Song’ featured spray painted pink horses, which was deemed offensive by some animal rights activists and even celebrities.

Despite having supervision on set from the Humane Society, singer Pink took to her twitter to condemn the video. Even though viewers have yet to see the final cut, should artists be held accountable when there are controversial elements in a video?

This is just one of many examples of people adding pressure to content so that it is acceptable for a majority of audiences. In this case, Selena Gomez and her team took extra precautions when filming the video by having a representative from the Humane Society to supervise the spray painting, which was entirely organic and non-toxic to the animals. However, the damage is done, and the video is already controversial before its release.

Do you think ‘spray painting’ horses pink is a bad idea?

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