Screenwriters are the architects of story and establish the foundations of all cinematic storytelling. The role of a screenwriter is to create the universe of a film from the definition of characters to the atmosphere contained within the world that is being created.

To be a proficient screenwriter requires a great imagination but also strong writing skills, and the desire to continuously improve them. Writing a screenplay for a motion picture is not just about the plot but how the reader perceives the characters. Everything from the dress code to the interaction between people and objects define character. Because screenplays are so integral to the success of a film, they need to be written with care and consider the visual aesthetics to progress the storyline.

It’s a very creative process to write a screenplay, and pursuing a career as a screenwriter can be very rewarding. Often, a lot of research goes into writing screenplays in order to create authenticity and provide audiences will fiction based on factual knowledge. Films like ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’ could not have succeeded without researching the human character. There are many more examples, but the films that touch people are the ones that connect with the audience on a personal level, and convey shared human emotions.