Schwarzenegger terminates wages, but computers take revenge

SACRAMENTO, USA - Seeking to terminate the deficit, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered state workers pay to be cut to the national minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, except the state can't compute it.

As incredible as it may seem, Schwarzenegger faces the State's aging computer system, far less advanced than his own CPU , which means it can't process 200,000 new lower wage entries. According to AP's latest report, the state's computerized payroll system wont be revamped till at least 2012.

The Terminator star now faces a new judgment day, one where he has to take on the tricky subject of the Fair Labor Standards Act, which would be violated if the planned cuts were implemented, as it would change the entire payroll process.

Schwarzenegger, who became Governor in 2003, is struggling to balance the books as the recession has taken a toll on California, with a 19$ billion deficit. Audiences will see him returning to screens later this summer in the highly anticipated action movie The Expendables , but it wont, unfortunately, fix the deficit.

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