Sacha Baron cohen to defy sanctions in ‘The Dictator’

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is about to defy ‘UN sanctions, hitting screens this month as General Aladeen in ‘The Dictator’.

Featuring a bullet barrage of human rights violations and sensationally offensive dialogue, ‘The Dictator’ is set to give audiences a thrill of slapstick comedy mixed with dark witty jokes that poke fun at Middle Eastern dictators.

Starring Megan  Fox, Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley, the film features a diverse cast that promises to entertain and over-emphasize the cliché’s of dictators past and present. However, for those who have been oppressed under such regimes in the past, this might be too much. While we can laugh at the jokes in this movie, the stories of human rights abuses in other countries will be a painful memory.

Will you go under the cover of darkness to watch this movie against your will?

The Dictator trailer

The Dictator opens nationwide on May 16th

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