Rupert Murdoch delivers most offensive Tweet to Muslims

Copyright Eva Rinaldi
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch faces international condemnation following a controversial tweet he made about Muslims in the aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Ahead of the Unity rally in Paris on Sunday to condemn the Charlie Hebdo attack, Murdoch told his 543,000 followers on Twitter that Muslims should be "held responsible" for jihadists.


His comments were instantly rebuked on social media with angry responses from people of all religions and backgrounds. The viewpoint that all Muslims are responsible for the actions of those terrorists in Paris has been the topic of intense debate although Murdoch didn't make a direct reference to the events.

Murdoch's generalized view of the Muslim world being responsible for the actions of a minority has resulted in Australians publicly apologizing, while others have questioned the iraq War, the KKK and other conflicts instigated by people of different faiths.

During the attack on the Charlie Hebdo Magazine, a Muslim police officer was gunned down and a video was released by French media showing the confrontation. On Friday, 4 armed terrorists took hostages at two different locations which led to a standoff. They were eventually freed after a simultaneous assault was ordered by French President Hollande, but there were reported casualties.

It is unclear whether Murdoch's comments reflect the editorial view of his newspapers, which puts increased pressure on the mogul to issue a statement to clarify his comments.

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