New Rihanna Short Film to launch website

Rihanna features in a new seductive short film for Armani which was made available in a preview today on youtube.

Rihanna Short Film Armani

Rihanna, a global phenomenon for her music and for setting fashion trends, will be featured prominently on Armani's newly launched site this October 6th.

The preview video doesn't give us much to say, except it features a small snippet of her music along with some close ups of Rihanna undressing. The style is in a black and white montage, which looks very classic, but without seeing the full short film, we just have to sit and wait.

The Rihanna short film will not be the first viral video that Armani has made. Megan Fox has also featured in several videos including a behind the scenes making of. Armani has used the power of the web to promote their brand, and it is a great way to build up some buzz ahead of this new release.

Rihanna Short Film Preview

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