Rihanna gives a journalist the best gift of all time

Rihanna is currently on tour in Europe but after hearing a report about a specific gift she gave to an unsuspecting journalist, I can't think of much that could top it.


For Rihanna fans, getting up close and personal to her is a dream come true, but when it comes to getting on stage with her, in the middle of her act, that's almost unthinkable to most. But, she took matters into her own hands. Well, it just so happens that Rihanna decided to give ES Magazine editor Lotte Jeffs the best night of her life. The superstar invited her onstage only to place her on a circular bed and 'grind' on her to the music she sang. Literally, how good is that?

You think of the life of a journalist / reporter, someone who goes to interview people, write about the latest trends, but to actually live the trend, that's a journalist's dream. Good for her.

Jeffs :

“It was a night I will never forget. Global superstar Rihanna dragged me on stage and gave me a lap dance in front of 20,000 screaming fans,”

- Report

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