Rihanna banned from Angelina Jolie's playlist

Angelina Jolie takes Rihanna off the list

Angelina Jolie has banned Rihanna and her raunchy lyrics from her children's playlist.

According to Star Magazine (reported in the Belfast Telegraph), Jolie overheard her kids listening to Rihanna's sexualized lyrics and became concerned. Pax and Zahara, 7 and 8, were singing along to 'Birthday Cake' and laughing at the curse words according to an insider.

Angelina Jolie has also put a parental block on the music the kids download, and keeps watch of their downloads and playlists.

It's pretty obvious to see why Jolie would want to ensure that her children do not get influenced by lyrics that clearly reference foreplay and sex games:

Rihanna Birthday Cake lyrics

Ooh baby, I like it
You so excited
Don't try to hide it
I'mma make you my b****"

And it's not even my birthday
And he tryna put his name on it
Oooh, I wanna f*** you right now
Just get up on my body...

The question I ask now is whether it's too easy for young children to access music with offensive lyrics? I have just logged on to Youtube as I write this to check if I can watch the uncensored version of 'Birthday Cake' without being logged in. The answer is YES.

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