Rihanna attacks MTV Canada

Rihanna took great offence when MTV Canada dedicated an article to one of her tweets, that turned out to be fake.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer discovered the article on MTV and targeted it for some tweeting revenge. We won't post what she said but let's just say it was not the friendliest endorsement.

The tweet in question that started the whole mess, and not just for MTV was an apparent hack of her account with a fake message to Chris Brown reading :

"I admit, I provoked Chris to hit me. It was not entirely his fault. #ImSORRY.”

This message was immediately news gold as it became a big story for several outlets and MTV. The problem with it was that no independent source could verify if it was real or not, except Rihanna, who controls the account.

Does this mean that future articles that are 'given birth' from twitter should be triple checked in case they are actually proved false?

MTV Canada might feel a bit red faced after this one, but surely Rihanna feels even more let down, because the daily news cycle, is often not as accurate is it should be.

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