Ridiculous rumour: Kanye West to act as gay Jazz singer

From Kanye West tweet assaults to rumours about him playing as a Gay Jazz singer, the rapper and producer never seems to be too far away from controversy.

Having turned filmmaker in late 2010 with Runaway, people are wondering what the musician will do next. As he faces competition from Dr Dre's Detox, can West bring his best to the game in 2011 with new innovative music videos? Perhaps he might take to the internet to release some personal videos.

Kanye West the Gay Jazz singer

It seems just as absurd as Brad Pitt playing John Lennon when hearing a rumour like this, but the comedy value of such a tale could be what people are looking from the man next.

Lonely Island took to Comedy in their music videos with Ji** In My Pants and featuring T Pain in Im On A Boat . Perhaps Kanye might want to show the lighter side of himself as the year progresses.

As for Kanye playing a gay Jazz Singer in a film funded by Will Smith and Jay Z, its just too funny to ignore.

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