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You my ride series
Los Angeles, CA – Ridesharing has become the hottest mode of transportation for both its affordability and convenience. By downloading an app and clicking a button, riders can use their smartphones to quickly arrange for a driver to pick them up and drop them off at a new destination. At a rate much cheaper than traditional taxis, rideshare services have attracted riders and drivers across the country.

‘You My Ride?’ is a brand new dramedy web series that chronicles the experience of Hollywood rapper turned rideshare driver, Kervens “Acafool” Joseph (Kervens), as he transports riders around the busy streets of Los Angeles.

As any rideshare drivers can attest to, the pool of clients is always eclectic, and in one of the world’s most booming cities, riders are anything but boring. Kervens’ riders are an entertaining mix of hilarious, heartwarming, and strange. ‘You My Ride?’ brings viewers along for it all.

Though ‘You My Ride?’ doesn’t officially launch on YouTube until January 2017, 10,000 viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy Kervens’ hilarious rideshare journey through the private pre-screen viewing of the web series. Click here to learn more about this exclusive opportunity.

Ridesharing emerged in some of the world’s most populous cities as an alternative to traditional taxi and public transportation options. For passengers, services like Uber and Lyft are easy to use, safe, and convenient. Drivers have found that working for rideshare services is an easy way to bring in extra income; some drivers have found the business to be so lucrative that it is now their only occupation.

Like many drivers, Kervens signed up as a rideshare driver to earn some extra cash. But, early in his rideshare career, Kervens learns that driving for a rideshare service means much more than picking up and dropping off L.A. residents and guests. Starring alongside Ayinde Howell and other talented guest stars, Kervens is forced to expect the unexpected, as every ride brings a new, interesting experience to his backseat.

From a hotheaded rider who demands she be driven only around the block, to a couple who gets uncomfortably romantic in Kervens’ backseat, and every rider in between, ‘You My Ride?’ shows it all. The backseat cameras, with close-up angles and high-quality audio, allow viewers to feel like they’re riding along with Kervens as he faces the many curveballs that ridesharing driving throws his way. The experience is unlike any other show on the web.

Determined to earn high ratings and keep his driving job, Kervens braves the streets of L.A. with a smile on his face as riders from all walks of life climb in his backseat. Ride along with Kervens and the many entertaining personalities that join him in the highly anticipated, one-of-a-kind web series debuting this January.

For more information on the exclusive pre-screen viewing of ‘You My Ride?’ visit today.

Starring: Kervens Joseph and Ayinde Howell
Production: Savage Hope Productions
Director: Jeff Osborne
Written by: Angelo Perrino, Jeff Osborne
Genre: Dramedy

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About ‘You My Ride’

‘You My Ride’ Channel, in partnership with Savage Hope Productions and Reagent Productions, was created and inspired by true events and real passengers to create engagement and conversation.

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